Breaking Your File Folder Addiction

Throughout your career you’ve been taught to organize documents using file folders and filing cabinets.  Paperwork is stored alphabetically or numerically and then, typically, ordered by date.  While fairly effective, it’s not an efficient methodology when it comes to storing and retrieving information. Now let’s consider the information revolution that’s come about with the advent [...] Read more »

Consulting Firms Simplify Paperwork Exchange Using Cloud Storage

Our ongoing blog series on Digital Asset Management (DAM) continues with a look at creating the paperless consulting firm. I met recently with a consulting rep to talk about adding cloud document management to streamline their client interactions. They were facing a number of issues and DocLanding was proving to be the perfect solution.  At [...] Read more »

Business Software or Cloud Computing: Can they Work together in the Digital Age?

Nowadays, cloud computing has become one of the biggest IT trends and most businesses are starting to leverage on it. It promises to provide enterprise-class applications which don’t need expensive IT infrastructures and staff. For organizations on a budget, the cloud is more cost-effective compared to on-premise business software. In fact, Vanson Bourne’s 2012 report [...] Read more »

IRS Approves Electronic Taxpayer Records

“Hi. I’m Becki and I work for the  Internal Revenue Service. Generally, if a small business taxpayer has assets of less than $10 million, they may retain paper records. But today, more taxpayers are going paperless and using accounting software to maintain their books and records electronically. Electronic records can include databases, saved files, email, instant messages, [...] Read more »

Why Packing Up Christmas Feels So Good

If you celebrate Christmas, it’s a wonderful time filled with bright lights and festive decorations.  With the holiday behind us, we start the sad process of dismantling the winter wonderland in our homes and packing Santa away for another year. Just like a good Spring cleaning, it is refreshing to box up the clutter that [...] Read more »

5 Ways to Recover from a Mega Millions Let Down

For the last week you’ve been daydreaming of how to spend that Mega Millions jackpot.  With the exception of two lucky ducks out there, many awoke prepared to speed-dial the boss and vent years of frustration in a “take this job and shove it” fantasy moment.  Sadly, each unmatched number was more deflating than the [...] Read more »