Cloud Storage

Affordable document management featuring enterprise-level security and powerful collaboration tools for personal and professional use.

Free cloud storage that lets you share files with friends and family.

Scan documents and store digital files off-site using powerful collaboration tools for maximum efficiency and productivity.

A proven, private-label cloud storage solution that generates recurring revenue for your business.

Web Portal
Store, search and share files on any Internet-connected computer, laptop or mobile device using a web browser.
Desktop Client
DocLanding’s Desktop Client is a familiar Windows-like application for PC users to easily navigate their documents and transfer files with drag-and-drop simplicity.
Sync Client
A data backup across all your devices is quick and easy with DocLanding’s Sync Client. One click syncronizes your local files with those in cloud storage so everthing is current and readily accessible.
What We Offer
DocLanding leads the way in Cloud productivity
Online document management provides access to your data from any device plus secure collaboration between customers and co-workers. Much more than an online backup, DocLanding delivers the tools to scan, store, search and share your important digital files.
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Why Do You Need It?
folderStructure Reduce costs and maximize efficiency
Storage of paper files is expensive and retrieval of data can be time-consuming. On-site servers increase IT costs and pose a risk to fire, flood and theft. Cloud document management eliminates file cabinets and empties storerooms while digital scanning with OCR and custom indexing provides instant access to information.
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